DuneTop Aviation Consulting




DuneTop Aviation is an independent aviation consulting company founded in 2021 with the purpose to provide consultancy services to various stakeholders / companies in the commercial aviation industry and help them to deal with challenges, decision taking as well as execution.


Particularly focused on commercial jet and turboprop aircraft (new and used) for passenger as well as cargo operations, DuneTop targets a variety of customers such as airlines, other (potential) aircraft users, aircraft owners/investors, aircraft buyers, banks, lessors, aircraft part/out companies, etc.


Our core expertise is based on extensive experience in aircraft (value) research and analysis, aircraft (portfolio) financing, operating leasing, aircraft sales and remarketing, loan and lease restructuring, aircraft SLBs, etc.

The ability to understand the commercial, strategic, financial and technical aspects of complex aircraft transactions allows Dunetop to provide tailor made answers and solutions to the aviation, finance and investment industry.


DuneTop makes use of a  worldwide network of contacts and longstanding business relationships.

Depending on specific customer needs, DuneTop can be of assistance in the following areas such as:


  • aircraft selection,
  • aircraft sourcing,
  • aircraft acquisition / investment,
  • aircraft (re)financing (on- or off- balance sheet),
  • aircraft remarketing (for sale/lease/part out)
  • aircraft lease and/or loan restructuring


Please do not hesitate to contact DuneTop Aviation with any generic or specific questions you may have.





To get in touch please feel free to call or send a message:


Bjorn Batenburg


+31 6 120 588 04